For 16 years, we have called the space in which we meditate together in rhythm, Drum Mama Studios. We have some exciting news to share about the new name for our space...

We named it Drum Mama Studios, in part, to reflect the fact that I wanted to balance my passion for rhythm with my role as a busy mother of three. In fact we were drumming in the kids play room, and those of you who have been here since the beginning will remember stepping over their toys to get to your seats!) I also wanted to honour the feminine divine which is often ignored when it comes to traditionally "male" activities like banging a drum.

One result of this choice, is that I often get asked by men who wish to drum with us, whether our space accepts male students, or whether it's just for women. With this in mind, and as my practice and vision for our community have evolved, I have come to a point where the name Drum Mama Studios no longer best serves my mission.What we are really about is mindful hand drumming in a joyful, accepting and warm environment. In other words, we are all about experiencing Rhythm Bliss. Going forward, our live weekly classes will be offered at (djembe roll, please....)

Rhythm Bliss Studio

Our online program is Rhythm Bliss Online, our facilitations and team-building are Rhythm Bliss Events and our live classes happen at Rhythm Bliss Studios. Now some of you (likely the same people who will continue to call me Sandi forever!) will continue calling it Drum Mama Studios and that's 100% fine. You can call us whatever you want, as long as you keep being a part of our community!

Yours in Rhythm,