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All members also receive our Getting Started with Rhythm Bliss course, Instruction in Hand Drumming Technique (contains instruction on lap drumming, djembe technique and frame drum in the free hand style), as well as Rhythm Meditations to cultivate Forgiveness, Loving Kindness, Resilience and a Balanced Mind.

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Weekly Live Stream Classes and Replays!

Watch our Live Stream Overview Video and see the weekly schedule below...

The Current Live Stream Drum Class Schedule

We start the week off with our "mildest" beginner session

& proceed with increasingly "spicy" classes:

  1. SUAVE Mondays 11am-12pm Pacific / 2pm-3pm Eastern / 7pm-8pm UK / 8-9pm Central Europe Intro 🍏 (Beginner - MILD SPICE)
  2. SABROSO Wednesdays 11am-12pm(Pacific) / 2pm-3pm (Eastern) / 7-8pm UK / 8-9pm Central Europe 🌶️ (Beginner/Intermediate - MEDIUM SPICE)
  3. CALIENTE Fridays 11am-12pm (Pacific) / 2pm-3pm (Eastern) / 7pm-8pm UK / 8pm-9pm Central Europe 🌶️🌶️ (Intermediate - HOT SPICE)
  4. PICANTE Sundays 11am-12pm (Pacific) / 2pm-3pm (Eastern) / 7pm-8pm UK / 8pm-9pm Central Europe 🌶️🌶️🌶️ (Advanced - EXTRA HOT)

If you miss a live class, don't worry. We post replays of all weekly classes for ONE FULL MONTH so you can do them on your time or for repeated practice.


According to both worldwide, tradition-hallowed human experience and modern research, drumming can be powerfully helpful and healing in times of stress, anxiety and trauma. I have experienced Alexandra’s teachings first hand. She is a wonderful embodiment and translator of the healing power of the drum. I highly recommend Alexandra’s work to anyone looking to use the enchantment of rhythm for wellness, stress release and healing.

- Dr. Gabor Mate (Order of Canada Recipient, World Renowned Speaker, Bestselling Author and Expert on Addiction, Trauma, Stress and Childhood Development)


I highly recommend Alexandra and her Rhythm Bliss program for anyone wanting to learn to drum. In fact, I can't recommend Alexandra highly enough. As well as being a very skilled drummer and rhythm teacher, Alexandra goes well beyond the technical aspects of rhythm and drumming and integrates yoga philosophy, meditation and movement practices. She is the real deal and is completely committed to this work. I remember when Alexandra attended my 3-day Village Music Playshop in Vancouver many years ago. She was VERY pregnant and her due date fell on the date of the training. She was so determined not to miss the program that she did the Playshop in a wheelchair and delivered her son two days after the workshop. If you want to learn how to play hand drums well, in a way that maximizes the health benefits, Alexandra is your gal.

- Arthur Hull (Internationally Renowned Percussionist, Global Rhythm Ambassador, and "Grandfather"of the Modern Facilitated Drum Circle)


Alexandra has a unique gift for using hand drumming, rhythm and movement for healing and wellness. I have studied drumming with Alexandra and her classes release stress, calm the mind and are a joy to participate in. I highly recommend her teaching and the Rhythm Bliss program, and do so whole-heartedly.

- Dr. Brenda Lau MD, FRCPC, FFPMANZCA, MM, CGIMS, CIPS (Founder & Medical Director, ChangePain; Pain Specialist and Anesthesiologist, FRCPC Founder Pain Medicine; Clinical Associate Professor, UBC Dept. of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics )

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RhythmBliss, Alexandra Jai, and her whole family bring each of us in, as part of their family, helping us offload our burdens, find our center, our rhythm, belonging, connection, and joy. Alexandra integrates all. I have been on this path of bringing well being to myself and to others, privately and in my journey as a parent coach. RhythmBliss has pulled it all together so I can offload my body's holding of emotions and thoughts, clearing me for being free to the joy of the rhythms, of love that just is, and for showing up to myself and others in the state of loving acceptance and wisdom that actualizes the positive potential of the hard and easy moments, and the  moments in between. If you can't tell, RhythmBliss is a treasure.

- Sheryl Stoller

Alexandra opens hearts to the joy and love of drumming incorporating proper alignment movement, stretching, rhythmic drumming and meditation. It truly is a spiritual healing journey for me. Every class she teaches opens the door to magic. She brings in relaxation and breath practices and somehow tricks me to play rhythms I think I can not play. When I follow her lead and relax into her rhythm I notice I can. This has been the best decision for me to join the Rhythm Bliss Community.

- Claudine Crook

My journey with Rhythm Bliss, going on for almost a year now, has brought many unexpected benefits: feeling of calmness, increased concentration and creativity, and a fulfilling connection with the Rhythm Bliss community. And most of all, joy. Calling it life-changing would not be an exaggeration; the day I took my first class, I felt as though I’d come home. I’ve been smiling ever since!

- Donna Edwards

Drumming with Rhythm Bliss is fun, uplifting and healing!No prior experience, or drum, necessary.  Alexandra is an outstanding teacher - inspiring, clear and compassionate.  Classes incorporate elements of yoga, movement and Pilates, to benefit mind, body and spirit.  Her teaching is perfectly complemented by the assistance of Michael and their musical kids.  As a bonus, I feel part of an international community of heart-centred and supportive people - the fabulous Rhythm Blissers!  What's not to love!  Feel so blessed to have discovered Rhythm Bliss!

- Rosemary Hudson

I started with Rhythm Bliss a little over a year ago after taking one of the free classes.  I felt a sense of upliftment and joy when I took the class, and I wanted more of that bliss.  The name says it.  We are experiencing rhythm and reaching a state of joy.  The movement and breathing exercises add to the experience.  Alexandra and Michael bring us together in a loving rhythm community.Thank you, Rhythm Bliss!

- Debra Powell

Bliss indeed! The Best Class Ever! I always come away smiling, with joy in my heart. Alexandra, Michael (& their kids) make a fabulous team. It will be a decision you will be so grateful that you made.

- Taunyee Robins

This is the best music / breathwork/ movement class I've ever experience. I absolutely adore Alexandra and Michael's way of teaching and am having more fun than I ever thought possible. I would recommend this to and for everyone for soul uplifting and heart touching time

- Merrel Eve

If you want a supportive sense of community, relaxing body movement, inspiration and tons of energizing fun, all while learning to drum and get into a meditative rhythm, then this is for you 💜 🙏 💜

- Michelle Rivard

I greatly enjoy my weekly lessons with Alexandra and Michael. Their vast knowledge, competence , and loving spirit have attracted an international community I am honored to be part of. The movement and rhythm practices we share are beneficial to my mind, body and spirit, have kept me sane during the recent lockdowns and have been a source of comfort during stressful times. The huge amount of instructions and information in their website can be freely mined according to your timing and curiosity. In their generosity they make all this and much more accessible at a very modest cost,making it an incredible bargain. Certainly worth a try 😊 😉

- Serena

Alexandra's Teaching Style


Alexanda's love of rhythm and movement is infectious and she is a highly skilled and inspired drum and yoga teacher with a huge wealth of experience and insight to share. She is open, non-judgmental, passionate and caring. I have hired Alexandra many times to facilitate our yoga teachers' graduation ceremoney, and highly recommend her to anyone looking to begin or deepen their rhythm meditation and movement practice.

- Shakti Mhi (Founder, Prana Yoga College, Shakti Yoga Centre)


I love Alexandra's simple clean honest approach to the essence of yoga and drumming. Her attention to detail in her cueing guides you safely and keeps you focused throughout the practice. Her movement classes are both challenging and relaxing, allowing you to work from where you are at that moment in time. It has made a huge difference in my body. Even practicing with her once a week is addictive. The drumming is pure bliss and reminds me of South Africa where I was born.

- Janet Kimmel(Founder, The Align Method, Fitness Instructor and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialist)


Just want to let you know how helpful the drum meditation has been to me. My daughter has been extremely ill from complications from cancer. We have been completely taken up with her care. I have been far too anxious (and tired) to drive to live yoga or drum classes. The online rhythm meditations have been a life-saver for me. I am transported to a blissful place which allows me to let my anxiety go, for a while at least.….Thank YOU and please convey my thanks to the rest of the Rhythm Bliss team.

- Zandrika James


Alexandra manages to accommodate such a wide range of rhythm levels in her program. She creates a very safe environment to have fun with no fear of messing up. She is an excellent instructor.

- Anne Carten (Teacher)

Current Members of Rhythm Bliss Share Their Experience


She has a talent for combining yoga and drumming and encourages you to just be yourself and move. I suffer from anxiety and my psychiatrist actually prescribed drumming with Alexandra to me. Alexandra makes it so joyful and engaging, you feel like you can't make any mistakes. I am almost 80 and I LOVE it!

-Sheila Herman (Retired Teacher)


Alexandra is truly a bright light and when she teaches, one can not help catch the flame of inspirational fire which runs through her beat, singing voice and instruction, which is comprehensive and beautifully packaged.

- Ingrid Hauss (Yoga Instructor)


I had hesitated drumming this morning as I had a terrible back problem after ziplining yesterday. Today after drumming, I felt so much better. I don’t know if it was a combination of the drumming with the yoga, just the stretching or whether it was just chilling during drumming…………..whatever it was I have to say “thank you so much”. I cannot believe how much better I feel! Once again, thank you for everything, your time, your patience and your amazing abilities with both drumming and yoga.

- Lynn Smith(Retired Flight Attendant)

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Hundreds of Rhythm Exercises to Suit All Skill Levels from Beginner to Advanced


The benefits for me are pure delight and pleasure...and it's embodied. I just feel the smile from the inside. Alexandra is so passionate about drumming and yoga and it's infectious. When I'm drumming with Alexandra I feel "this is it", it doesn't get any better than this.

-Fran Alexander (Registered Clinical Counsellor)


I had a stroke that paralyzed my left side and left me with the remnants of shakiness and tremors, and I never thought that I’d be able to play any instruments. Alexandra's drum songs have spoken to my heart and apparently my frontal lobe, as well. I can now hold my fingers together and allow my joyful left hand to surprise me with its beautiful dance.

-Marianna Nemeth (Property Manager)


As a former dancer, professional hand drummer, and certified yoga instructor, Alexandra embodies kinaesthetic energy! Every time I do a movement practice with her, I feel as though I am not only benefitting from a beautiful yoga practice, but am also receiving important lessons in anatomy and physiology. Thanks to her brilliant instruction, I have embarked on a path of mindful movement that I hope will sustain me as my body copes with the effects of aging, stress and a 21st century sedentary lifestyle. I have never felt so motivated to move and stretch my body.

-Jenn Schecter (Communications Director, Teacher)

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Alexandra instills a genuine calmness enabling greater self awareness. She has a very special “magnetism” to her that draws people to her and makes you want to join her in doing what she is so passionate about.

-Max Collett (Environmental and Real Estate Lawyer)


Alexandra provides a compassionate and safe environment with creative and masterful instruction where students feel comfortable to explore and receive the benefits of mindful drumming and yoga. Alexandra is a natural-born educator and a teacher with a high level of integrity and professionalism.

- Janice Clarfield (Yoga Teacher Trainer)

What is Rhythm Bliss Online Mindful Hand Drumming and Movement?

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Your Instructor

Alexandra Jai, CRO
Hailing from Santiago, Chile, Alexandra Jai is a hand drumming and yoga teacher, rhythm facilitator, accompanist and performer with over 30 years of experience. Following a transformative and deeply healing drumming immersion with Nigerian Master Drummer Olatunji Babatunde in her late teens, she plunged heart-first into the study of world percussion and rhythm culture. A lifelong student of rhythm and movement, Alexandra Jai studied traditional African, Afro-Cuban, Indian and Middle Eastern Hand Drumming from master drummers across the globe. She is the founder of Rhythm Bliss Studio (formerly Drum Mama Studios), a centre for Rhythm and Movement Meditation serving Vancouver, BC since 2003. Alexandra Jai has created Rhythm Bliss Online to spread joy, serenity and healing by blending the ancient art of hand drumming with yoga philosophy in a way that is easily accessible and relevant to our hectic, modern lives.

The Rhythm Bliss online program has helped me with balance and focus after experiencing vertigo. I so appreciate the effort and hard work they've put into making it such a great program. I love the brain gym exercises and the Rhythm Jams with the Rhythm Bliss band, as well as the grounding meditation with the didjeridoo.

- Judy H.(Horticulturist)


Thank you Alexandra, Michael and the Rhythm Bliss Team!!! This has become my new addiction – this practice is my favourite meditation now. Mindful Hand Drumming is where it’s at!🙏🏼👌🏼…xo

-Micheline Gauthier (Yoga Instructor, Dancer, Care Worker)


When it comes to rhythm facilitation, Alexandra, is the best in the business. She is extraordinary in her ability to facilitate the most engaging drumming and movement sessions.

- Leah R. (Music Therapist)

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied with Rhythm Bliss, let us know within 14 days and you'll receive a full refund. You can of course cancel at any time.

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